The Importance of Local

As the start of our vacation season nears, we have had many purchases to make and businesses to interact with. It shouldn't come as a surprise that it takes a great number of suppliers to get the equipment available to give the best vacation experience possible. While it may be easy to order overseas and get all of our purchases online, it was very important to us that when we can we purchase local. Here are some reasons why:

1) The quality is better

With the rush to make everything quicker and cheaper, quality on many products have come down. This is especially true with big chain stores. When you are run by share holders who care nothing for the product and only the monetary result its quality that suffers. Local small businesses don't have this problem. Year after year, Consumer Unions surveys show that customer satisfaction is top with small businesses. I can say for sure that this is our experience. When getting our kayaking gear we picked companies like Salus, Dagger, and Werner not just because they all produce in North America, but also because their quality is top notch. It's no wonder that top kayaking professionals use the exact same brands. Local business simply gives the best quality.

2) The best customer relations

Shopping local gives you the best chance to talk directly to the people who can help you the most. Extra service and better prices are gained through the increased customer relationship that comes with buying local. When we were looking for bikes our first stop was to look at The Bicycle Tailor here in Fergus. We were able to talk to them directly about what we were looking for, and get their advice on which bikes are best for the local roads and trails. We can be confident that we are getting fair, honest treatment since they know who we are and can respect us as fellow local business owners.

3) A greater local impact

If there's one thing that we can agree on, it's that it's important to be a good neighbour. Numerous studies show that when you buy at local small businesses the community benefits way more than with chain stores. We are proud that all of the meals we provide will come from local, non-chain restaurants. We can sleep easy knowing that not only are we providing top quality food, but also the money we spend ends up back in the community. Why would money staying in a community be important? Well when local business profit, they are more likely to donate local, pay higher wages to local employees, and support community initiatives. Buying local is the true key to having communities flourish.

We are proud to buy local and we encourage you to do the same. While it's a small change on an individual level, the benefits can be huge. And, if you decided to vacation local as well, visit our vacations page to see what packages we offer.

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