Tidy Tips for your Spring Clean

April is a busy month for us here at C.K. Maggs Adventures. We are putting in full effort to make sure that everything is in top shape for our first summer. However, we aren't the only ones who find April stressful. Taxes and new seasonal activities definitely keep people on the go but one of the most stressful tasks this month is spring cleaning.

So to help you out with your tidying chores, here are some tips to make your clean less mean:

1) Spring Cleaning Makes you Happy

This is less of a tip and more of something to keep in mind: spring cleaning makes you happy. Studies show that a tidy place of living reduces stress and increases happiness. It's the perfect fix for a case of winter blues. So if you find yourself getting bogged down from your deep clean, just remember that it'll be worth it in the long run. Of course, don't over due it either. Take breaks if you find things are becoming too overwhelming.

2) Be Eco Friendly

While spring cleaning makes your home nice and tidy, that's not always true for the rest of the earth. Chemicals and trash are common by-products of a deep clean. Always remember to reuse when possible and recycle when appropriate, however the best way to help the environment is to reduce using wasteful products. Consider using reusable cloths over paper towels and use a steam cleaner whenever possible.

3) Go Top to Bottom

It's important when you are doing a deep clean to go top to bottom. Start from the ceiling, then go to the counters and furniture, finishing with the floor. This will ensure that any dust or debris that falls from your clean won't land on already clean surfaces. Nothing is worse than having to clean something twice!

4) Make a Schedule

If you are like me, it can be a bit much to decide on where to start your spring clean. A schedule can really help this problem. First, go around the house and prioritize which rooms need to be done first. Then make a to-do list for each room. You'll be surprised how much time you'll save by having a plan rather than cleaning randomly.

5) Don't Forget the Walls

While its true most dust will just fall to the ground, some does stick to the walls. Make sure you use a damp towel and wipe down your walls and other vertical surfaces. It may seem tedious to do, but it's a chore that only needs to be done rarely and you'll be happy with how much brighter your rooms look with clean walls.

6) Time your Chores

One of the biggest problems with doing chores is that we think they take up so much time. However, this just isn't true! Most chores take about 10 minutes. During your spring clean, time how long it takes to do each task. My bet is that it'll be a lot easier to do those chores again once you see how quick they really are.

7) Microwave your Sponge

It's common knowledge by now that sponges can be covered in bacteria. One way to combat this is with your microwave. When you are done with your sponge for the day, squeeze it out and microwave it on high for a minute. This should get rid of whatever is starting to grow on it. However, keep in mind that no matter how much you microwave, sponges do not last forever. Once your sponge starts to get shredded or smell bad throw it out.

8) Circle the Kitchen

When you are cleaning your kitchen start from the right of your stove, and then move around the room clockwise. Your oven is typically the dirtiest part of the room and doing it last will ensure that you don't spread around the grease that can build up there.

There you go! Hopefully you found some advice that helps you this spring cleaning. If things get too much though and you feel like you are going to need a stress buster, consider spending your vacation with us. We guarantee we won't make you clean anything.

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