The Couple that plays together...

The couple that plays together stays together.

It's not a cliché, it's the truth. Life is busy and free time can be hard to come by. Usually both people in a couple have demanding careers or commitments that vie for time and attention. If, on top of early mornings or late nights at work, you spend your weekends apart, staying connected can be difficult. That's why I believe it's in every couple's interest to find an activity they can do together.

For my wife Cathy and I, that activity we started on was kayaking. As we have both shared in blog posts before, we started off taking courses on how to kayak before getting hooked. One of the benefits of learning from someone else is that there is no pressure on you or your partner to keep the activity fun or safe. All we had to focus on was enjoying the experience together. From there we let the pleasant beginnings bloom into a lifetime of adventure. Having adventures that I can share with my wife has made our marriage tons of fun.

Valentines day can be a great time to evaluate and improve your relationship. Finding a joint activity to spend more time together can be a great place to start. If having an activity to do with your significant other seems interesting to you, here are some tips to get started:

1) Communication is key

The cliché of all clichés when it comes to relationship advice, but every couple still needs to hear it. Before picking an activity, talk to your partner about what they are hoping to accomplish. Is this just for fun? Is this to get into shape? What do you think you'll like? What do you think you won't like? Any information you can give each other before making decisions will save you time and happiness in the future.

2) Try something new for the both of you

It can be tempting to pick an activity that one of you already has experience in but I'd recommend that you don't. This is for two reasons. Firstly it can cause some jealousy and tension if one of you is better at an activity than the other. Nobody likes feeling inferior and this is bound to happen if one of you is already an expert. Second, and most importantly, the goal is to experience something together. It's much more rewarding to learn at the same pace rather than hold back so one person can catch up or have one person lag behind.

3) Find a group or a guide

I can not stress this enough. I can't count the amount of times I've seen a husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend teach their other half and it ends up in ineffective or, in the worst cases, ends in a fight. Guides are paid to teach. They know how to get through to all learning styles and have the expertise to explain things properly. Learning in a group can also be beneficial. Learning in a group ensures that people are learning at the same pace as you. Misery loves company, but so does success. Cheering on someone you've just met as they overcome a challenge you share is exhilarating and adds to the fun.

This Valentines I highly recommend you take these tips and find an activity for you and your significant other to share. If kayaking, biking, or climbing seem interesting to you or your partner, check out our vacation packages. We are focused on teaching beginners and would love to have you.

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