No Place Like Home

A question comes up a lot lately when people hear about us starting C.K. Maggs Adventures in Centre Wellington:

"Why an adventure company here? Isn’t that what people go to Mexico and Costa Rica for?"

It’s true that Central and South America have amazing resources. I know that my family and I have had tons of great times vacationing overseas. However, once you get home, you feel a little bit stuck. All those beautiful places you saw, those things you did, those people you met, they are all hours away and left being just memories.

So what do you do when you come back from a vacation in a beautiful country? Currently you have two options:

Option A) You move. You enjoyed what you did so much that you sell your house, quit your job, and move to your beautiful country of choice.

Option B) You remember all of the good times you had in that beautiful country through pictures and memories. Who knows? Maybe you can go back next year.

Both options seem fine...but we decided to think outside the box. What if there was an Option C?

Option C) Go experience those adventures you had on your vacation as soon as possible, whenever

you want.

Option C is our goal for you at C.K. Maggs Adventures. We want to introduce you to the sports close to home in a way that is easy for everyone. We hope that people see how accessible adventure sports are in their own backyard. If we do things right, you will be hooked on a lifetime of outdoor fun.

Now I can hear you saying: "Kevin, I'm busy, I'm old, I'm out of shape, I don't know if I can start a new activity out of the blue."

I hear you. It's tough. I can tell you from experience though it's truly life changing. Cathy and I started kayaking almost 30 years ago. From the get go we were hooked. As we continued, we met new people who became lifelong friends. These friends we have met through kayaking are the people that convinced us to try mountain biking, climbing, snowboarding and x-country skiing. It's been fantastic. We don’t watch adventure television shows; we live it. When our children were born we didn’t stop adventuring, we took them with us and eventually taught them the same skills we learned. Now ,they are both competitive kayakers and when not working at their day jobs enjoy a host of adventure sports.

So when you're planning your vacation this summer, you are going to have a couple of options. You can go to far away places and cherish the adventures you get as memories. Or you can adventure close to home knowing that the experiences you gain on your vacation will open doors to new experiences right at home. If the latter seems appealing to you, let us know. We'd love to show you what Canada has in store.

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