Thoughts from the Boss: Chalk Talk

When I go to a restaurant and see a chalkboard, I immediately smile.

You may think that I smile because of tasty things written on the board, which is true, but that's not all of it. I smile because I know that the restaurant changes their menus often enough to warrant an easy way to display today's offering. Those chalkboards say 'our food is interesting and made in house'.

If the chalkboard is a beer menu, I smile and clap. Changing beer menus are one of life's little pleasures. The question 'What's on tap?' should involve a long winded answer, in my opinion. Gone are the days of the answer being 'Bud and Bud Lite'. Does the Elora Brewing Company have a new IPA? Put it on the chalkboard! Did the Brothers Brewing Company keg run out? Erase it, and put up something equally good on later. The chalkboard ensures quality and quantity in a pub's beer selection.

While we gear up for our first season at C.K. Maggs Adventures, the research into food and beverages at our local pubs and eateries intensifies. I am proud to report that there is no shortage of chalkboards in Centre Wellington. Whether you enjoy traditional pubs, fine dining, sushi, vegetarian and more Centre Wellington provides delicious and unique experiences for everyone to enjoy. When your community is in the heart of farm country, there's no reason to eat meals that are anything but fresh and local.

I've lived in Centre Wellington all my life. I know the restaurants and their owners and I can be confident that after a long day on the trail or river I can sit down, look up on the board, and see something new and mouth-watering. If this sounds good to you, come give us a visit! We'd love to show you what's on the chalkboard.

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