Frequently Asked Questions  

What should I bring?

A couple of swimsuits and towels
1 or two pair biking shorts
Performance clothing such as polypropylene and fleece
A raincoat and rain pants.  
Normal camping clothes
Normal clothes that you would wear to a restaurant
Normal clothes you would wear to a club.
River shoes to wear kayaking. Ideally river specific shoes or neoprene booties or sandals. If not an old pair or running shoes should work.  
Shoes for walking around camp
Shoes for going out at night.
Chums for your glasses

Why should I book a vacation with you instead of going on a cruise or a resort down south?

Cruises and resorts are great for relaxing and getting rest on your vacation. However, if you like doing activities you either do not have the option or have to pay much more in excursion costs and fees. At C.K. Maggs Adventures, not only do we provide you great food and accommodations, all of the activities are included.  We hope that you get 'hooked' on at least one of these sports! 

What is glamping?

Glamping is short for glamorous camping. With us, you're not sleeping on the floor with a leaky air mattress. Instead our tents are 168 square feet -- about the size of an average hotel room. Inside we have beds, side tables, and large stand up wardrobes.

If this really isn't your style, we have beds inside our 1860 farmhouse.

What kind of equipment do you provide?

We provide Devinci Kobains for mountain biking and Hatchets for road and trail which are a step above entry level bikes. We provide Dagger Mambas which are top level kayaks as well as sit on top kayaks for those who prefer not to be enclosed in a kayak. Anything we do not provide that we think you might like to have is listed on the first question in this FAQ.

How many people per tent?

There are two people per tent. Beds are either divided into two single xl beds or one queen size bed for couples. There are 3 bedrooms in the farmhouse with a shared bathroom.

What about the food?

All meals are included!  Breakfasts are catered in to the farm. Lunch and supper (with 1 rail drink or a craft beer or a glass of wine) at some of our amazing local restaurants!